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Product features:

The cabin is like a miniature version of a real house, very cute!

The material of the small house is like that of a real house, for example, the cabinets are made of wood, the curtains are made of cloth, and the books are made of paper!

Fully exercise your hands-on ability, almost all scenery requires you to make it yourself! There is endless fun in the production process!

Production instructions:

1. The product packaging contains detailed production instructions. Before production, you can prepare a set of auxiliary tools, such as scissors, tweezers, rulers, to measure dimensions.

2. Mainly through DIY processes such as polishing, excavation, bonding, assembly, coloring, sewing, shaping, and placement, create your own cabin.

3. The raw materials inside are divided into several small packages according to the material, which can be made in several batches. It takes approximately three hours to several days to complete a finished product (depending on individual manual proficiency).

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